Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2009

Artis Seksi

Romance is in every Artis Seksi dream, a beautiful dream, a beautiful feeling in the heart and in the mind that men need to learn. In love-romance you experience the beautiful feelings of loving someone. If Artis Seksi have loved someone and you are romantic then you know what a love-romance is, but there is another dimension of romance. It is life-romance. Love-romance is the art of creating beautiful feelings in your relationship with someone you love. Life-romance is the art of creating and experiencing beautiful feelings with beautiful people and beautiful things in real or in fantasies. If you have both then you have lived a truly beautiful and romantic life. Romancing your life means being able to romance your life with beautiful friends and people on occasions to experience the feelings of love, warmth, joy, sincerity and togetherness. It is making life beautiful for your own self and for others in your own ways. It is the feeling of happiness in giving, sharing or making others feel loved continually. It is the art of making others feel loved by your acts of love and kindness. Your acts of love and kindness will not only be noble and charismatic but also romantic.

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